Cleshea Lowe is a Lifestyle coach and Motivational Speaker, mother of 2 very active boys, and the founder and CEO of JourneyZup LLC. Her passion and desire is to reach the masses and inspire individuals to want to become the best version of themselves, Mind Body and soul as the Journey is up. She inspires individual to Acknowledge their Now, Decide to do something about it, then take the necessary Action steps.

Cleshea began her leadership journey in her early 20’s where she leads individuals and teams towards meeting their personal and professional goals/targets. This was done through continuous coaching and development, which resulted in sustainable Wins. To date she inspires, motivate, and coach Individuals, Managers and Executives the skill sets necessary to lead themselves, and a successful team. She also strongly believes that each individual has greatness inside and is just a few feet from their Win. As she matured in her career she became more passionate about motivating, coaching and development, and truly gets a thrill when individuals invest in themselves. No matter the situation, there is always a solution. She believes that whole heartedly based on personal experiences, Wins and Learns.

Cleshea Lowe studied Business Administration, is AECR certified (Achieving Extraordinary Customer Relations) and was awarded a plaque for leading and guiding future leaders. She also hosts Elite Women’s retreats where women come together to identify those chains that needs to be broken then take the necessary steps to do so. Cleshea offers continuous support using an online Mastermind forum.

In anything you do, remember the JourneyZup!

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