JourneyZup Retreats

“Our Elite Women’s Retreats will empower women to be the best version of themselves”

Retreat 2017

A powerful group of women passionate, determined, and ready to change the world. 

JourneyZup Retreats Include:

  • A bonfire to get rid of those FEAR, PRIDE, ANGER, those Strong holds that keeps us abound.
  • Sunrise Yoga, Breakfast and Learn, Vision Boards.
  • Cooking demo to demonstrate clean eating while getting rid of the myth that a Healthy lifestyle is a Boring lifestyle. The purpose is to build our minds through tasting the foods that we block before we even give a chance.
  • Massage to get the blood flowing, totally aligned with the Vision-Mind Body & Soul.
  • Dinner and dance to close the night.
  • Sunday Prayer Breakfast